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W I L D  T H O U G H T S

For Channel Orange's 10th anniversary in 2022, EasyJet should do a special Channel Orange flight where they play the whole album on a flight that lasts the same length as the album run time and then they can change the logo to a special Channel Orange EasyJet Logo because THE LOGOS ARE THE SAME??

Mom jeans used to be seen as an unfashionable clothing choice and were used in tv and film to as the mark of a stereotypical 'mum'. Being a mum is the hardest job in the world but we only see a small representation of 'mums' portrayed in the media. Although Mom jeans have managed to defy the 'Mum' stereotype, real Mums haven't. How can Levi's help show represent the diversity and hard work of real mums through one of their most popular cut of jean?

Get Specsavers to own the  'Put on Your 3D glasses' message in the cinema. 

Send people fabric softener scented hugs that smell like their loved ones through a hugging gram service.

Introduce a 'giant chicken nugget' at McDonald's to then reveal it's just a bunless McChicken sandwich. April Fools.


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